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Are You Getting The Best Pet Insurance Based on Your Zip Code?

2 Mins read

Are you attached to your pet? If you said, Yes! Hooray! It would be best if you bought Pet Insurance, a cost effect pet insurance, just like you would your family, you wouldn’t leave the child in the cold without insurance? If you said, No! I feel better about giving you all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting the best coverage for Buck. Now that you haven’t left Buck out in the cold, let’s check out a few of my favorites. According to such and such Healthy Paws seems to be high on the list for best cover average.

Healthy Paws claims on their website to be #1 from 2010 – 2020; that’s the right amount of time for Buck, but what about you? What are you getting? No maximum annuals, or lifetime payouts, what? Are you kidding me right now? Paws have a 99% percent of claims are processed with two days. I wonder if that’s in doggy days? Sorry, I progress! Let’s see just how significant those rates are. I entered Buck’s name into the Healthy Paws system, and I gave him a random age and a random breed a begin to get my quote! Healthy Paws offer a modest plan; they call it their “Most Popular Plan.” What do you get? Reimbursements are about 80%; Annual Deductibles are around $250.00, and the Maximum Payouts is Unlimited that’s ruffly no pun intended, but approximately $72.51 to have peace of mind while Buck is out knocking up the neighbor’s dog.   

Let double back around and see if I enter a different zip code for Buck, let say a not so nice neighborhood. Doing a quick Google search for the worst areas in America, it looks like the zip code is 21217, according to the website of Neighborhood Scout ( for embarrassment sake I won’t put the address, let us see if we get a better rate or a worst rate depending on our zip code.

Hot dignity dog, Buck receives a better price “Most Popular Plan.” What do you get? Reimbursements are about 80%; Annual Deductibles are around $250.00, and the Maximum Payouts is Unlimited that’s ruffly no pun intended, but approximately $48.53!! No matter what neighborhood you live in One Plan. Four Paws. All Covered their slogan. One Plan covers illnesses, Accidents, Cancer, X-Rays, Blood Test, Ultrasound. I know you’re asking this #1 question? What about Pre-existing Conditions, do the cover it? Well, with a name like Buck, he had to come with some condition. Healthy Paws does cover Pre-existing Conditions, Paws, cover a range of unexpected illnesses. 

I know you’re dying to know what does. Healthy Paws pays for an Ear Infection the chronic kind, the average cost is about $3,750, and Healthy Paws pays $3,275. Just in case Buck ingests a Foreign Body, the average price is $6,250, and HP pays $5,525. 

Now that you got all the scope on pet insurance, its time to let Buck go bye-bye because he wasn’t authentically real, just for this research. We all know we need protection, and we all love our pets just like family members, why not get #1 Healthy Paws insurance, or at least test them out for yourselves, it’s nothing like saving money. 

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