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Can Pet Insurance be Transferred to a New Owner?

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There could be many reasons why you may need to transfer pet insurance to a new owner. Maybe, you or a friend are moving to a new apartment. Maybe a health issue has left one of you in a position where it’s difficult to give a pet proper care. Whatever the case, we hope to keep your fuzzy buddy safe and insured.

Focusing on the main question

Well, can you transfer pet insurance? The short answer is yes, or at least, in the United States. However, the full answer is a little more complicated than that. You see, transferring a pet insurance policy is handled differently by each company, and several factors determine how they will handle it.

To ease your stress

Let’s take a look at what customer service representatives from  around the United States have to say about transferring pet insurance.

Spot Insurance

(866) 310-3968

If a policy holder has Spot insurance, transferring ownership is fairly easy. When a pet does swap owners, you can rest assured that it will happen “without any interruption of coverage”.  Once you want to transfer with Spot, be sure to contact the number above. There are no hoops to jump through (sorry to disappoint you if the dog is already trained to do that sort of thing). 


(877) 669-6877

You may have Nationwide’s pet insurance because of their packaged wellness coverage. Or, maybe, a loved one has a bird/exotic pet plan. Well, fear not, because whether your little buddy has feathers, scales, hoofs, or wags a tail, Nationwide is on their side! Pet insurance can be transferred to a new owner at any time by using an easy to fill out form online, wellness coverage included!

Healthy Paws

(855) 898-8991

Healthy Paws is one of America’s favorite companies to insure their fuzzy friend. 11 years running; known for their low price and easy sign-up.  If a pet has moved to a new owner for any reason, “the coverage will continue without interruption, if approved in writing”. This can be done after any period of time, so long as an account with them is still open.


(855) 269-0046

The ASPCA is known for protecting man’s best friend all across America. Along with that, they’re also known for offering a 10% discount for insuring multiple pets.  With ASPCA insurance, you can re-home a pet and transfer their insurance to a new owner at any time. However, if insurance does cover multiple pets, things may need to be worked out with an agent directly. For questions about multi-pet insurance transfers, or any other special situations, feel free to use the number provided. Your insurance professional will be happy to solve any issues along the way.

Embrace Pet Insurance

(800) 511-9172

Embrace Pet Insurance also offers a 10% multi-pet insurance discount. Because they frequently cover multiple pets, they handle transferring ownership differently than other companies.  Transferring directly is not allowed. However, one may put a friend or family member on the insurance policy, and if the original owner cannot take care of the pet for any reason they can be removed. This leaves the other owner as the main insurance holder so you don’t have to worry if an emergency has your paws tied.

Pets Best

(877) 738-7237

You may have selected Pets Best insurance if you bundled with Progressive. Concerned about Fido’s yearly checkups? No worries, shots and other wellness care will transfer over too! Keep in mind, the policy holder is only allowed to transfer insurance within 30 days of moving their pet to their new home. 

Pet First

(855) 270-7387

You may have gotten Pet First insurance after adopting from one of their nationwide animal shelters. Offering a wellness package for yearly checkups, they keep Fluffy in good health for every step of their journey, and that doesn’t change when ownership does. However, being a company that offers multi-pet plans, things can be a little hairy. A policy cannot be transferred directly, rather, the new owner must be put on the policy before the original owner leaves. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a limit of up to four names that can be put on the policy at a time.

The long answer is also yes

There aren’t any companies that are going to make you beg to transfer the insurance. If you’ll be working with one that hasn’t been listed, make sure to give them a call right away. We promise they won’t bite!

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