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Dental Insurance For Your Pet

2 Mins read

Imagine you’re in the park playing a game of frisbee with Fido or Fluffy. You and your dog get into a friendly tug of war over the flying disc.

You pull. They pull.

And then all of a sudden, something unusual and extremely frightening happens: Your dog’s tooth falls out.

Do you have dental insurance for your pet?

If you do, you can react calmly and confidently knowing this kind of accident is covered.

If you don’t, well … maybe this is the kind of wake-up call scenario you need to read about so you’ll consider actually getting it.

As any longtime pet owner will attest, it’s always wise to expect the unexpected when it comes to our furry friends. Even the most seasoned, well-trained, healthy dog or cat can suffer injury through accident during playtime.

This is where pet insurance comes in.

More and more animal owners are realizing just how intelligent and practical it is to take out pet insurance on their companions.

After all, insurance makes sense for all of us people-folk going around on two legs … so why shouldn’t it also make sense for our four-legged family members as well?

That said, even with a growing migration of people signing up their animals for pet insurance, far too few of them are looking for an insurance carrier that also offers dental coverage.

Just as is the case with humans, dental health should be considered an important part of overall health in general.

Animals use their mouths, gums, teeth, and tongues for eating, drinking, playing, chewing, cleaning, and communicating with each other and with us in countless different ways.

Pet dental insurance effectively ensures they’ll be able to do all those things and more for the full length of their lives … and at a fraction of the price it might otherwise cost their owners should accident, injury, or illness strike.

In fact, it’s important to note just how crucial and specific certain coverages can be when it comes to dental illness in pets.

When you consider that the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats “have some form of periodontal disease by age 3,” it makes a person wonder why more pet insurance companies don’t offer dental illness coverage in their packages.

Thankfully, there are companies like Embrace Pet Insurance that do offer comprehensive dental peace-of-mind for pets at an affordable rate … meaning that both accidents and illnesses are covered.

That means periodontal disease, gingivitis, stomatitis, and more are all treatable illnesses under the Embrace coverage umbrella.

Sometimes, animals need dental procedures done for the good of their mouths just like people do, too. Tooth extractions, root canals, and crowns are more common than you might think in animals when it comes to maintaining proper dental hygiene and good health.

Only Embrace covers all of these procedures in their pet dental insurance plan.

By comparison, AKC and Nationwide pet insurance policies only cover extractions … and Healthy Paws pet insurance doesn’t cover any of them.

The icing on the proverbial cake has to be the Embrace Pet Insurance Wellness Rewards program.

While routine cleanings and checkups aren’t covered under policy – as is standard with most pet dental insurance companies – the Wellness Rewards program essentially helps you as a pet owner budget for and even reimburse the more day-to-day aspects of your animal’s care … things like vaccinations, flea preventatives, grooming, training, etc.

All in all, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective and all-encompassing blanket of total care when it comes to your pet’s dental insurance than Embrace.

Armed with this kind of coverage and peace of mind, you and Fido or Fluffy can really let that frisbee fly again with abandon.

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