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Does Your Pet Insurance Cover Vaccinations?

3 Mins read

You’re online looking for health insurance that offers vaccinations for your pet. After hours of searching, you’re left with more questions than answers.. am I right? Some only handle accidents, some cover routine care and others don’t. And what in God’s name is the per-incident limit? 

Take a deep breath and relax. 

In this article, we will break down the benefits, the challenges, and what to consider to find the right plan for you and your furry companion. 

Okay, Let’s get started! 

According to NAPHIA(North American Pet Health Insurance Association), there are three main types of pet insurances. 

  1. Accident and Illness 
  2. Accident only 
  3. Wellness 

Accident and illness covers unexpected injuries, sickness, and any changes to your pets health status. 

Accident only covers only accident related medical care. 

Wellness coverage, also known as routine or preventive care may cover tests, dental work, and vaccinations (Bingo!). 

Now before you go off and sign on the dotted line, keep reading to learn the important details and the proper steps to finding great medical care for your pet. 

3 Reasons to get it 

1. The future is unpredictable. 

Yes, you want your four legged, feathered, or even slippery friend to live long with you as long as possible. But when your friend gets sick, you want to make sure your pet is well taken care of. 

2. Accidents happen 

Your pet is just like you. They can get into trouble or unintentionally hurt themselves. You don’t want to leave them hanging, not when they need you! 

3. Bills are expensive 

Imagine your pet needing emergency care or surgery. And you can’t afford it.. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Thankfully with the right coverage, you’ll never have to worry about that. Whew! 


1. Pre-existing conditions 

Most of the time plans will not cover any conditions which your pet already has been treated for. What does this mean? it means you should still be able to get coverage, but costs will be more expensive. 

2. Older pets 

Unfortunately age does matter, because they are more likely to get chronic disease as they get older. Premiums will be higher than younger animals. 

3. Not everything is covered 

Even with insurance, you still have to pay for some medical costs. Then what’s the point you ask? The idea is to find a plan that will cut your pocket cost, so you can afford it! 

3 things to consider 

1. Your pets species and breed 

Most plans cover dogs and cats, and few handle exotic animals such as birds or lizards. So if your pet is “exotic”, you need to find the right coverage. Also, don’t forget that some breeds are more likely to develop certain conditions. 

2. Know what is covered and what is not 

Understanding the limit of the insurance is important. For example, you may want to consider if things like examinations, tests, x-rays, surgery, medications and dental treatments are offered. Some even offer alternative therapies such as massages, fancy eh? 

3. Can you afford it 

Sure, you want the best care possible for your pet but can you handle it? Don’t break your bank, instead get the plan that you can afford. Be aware that where you live may also affect the costs. 


So now you have a better understanding of what pet insurance is about. Here are the simple steps to choose the perfect plan! 

1. Make a list of what is important. (ex. dental, examinations, medications)

2. From that list, choose your top priorities.

3. Research common conditions for your pet. (tip. talk to your vet)

4. Remember that if your pet is not a Dog/Cat, they are considered exotic and will need a exotic pet policy.

5. Look around for a plan that best fits your needs and priorities.

6. Get a free quote from reputable providers and compare the coverages.

7. Talk with the insurance providers to have all of your questions answered.

8. Read the any documents carefully to understand the details of the benefits.

9. Be honest with the insurers. If you lie it is considered to be fraud. 

10. Remember that the plan must be best for both you and your pet. 

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