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Pet Insurance and Vaccines

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There are two basic kinds of pet insurance: Basic Coverage and Wellness Coverage. Basic Coverage takes care of accidents, illnesses and poisonings, and are covered by an annual deductible and caps on reimbursement. 

Wellness Coverage covers vaccines and other preventative care like physical exams, wellness exams, flea prevention and behavioral exams. 

If you’re shopping for pet insurance, you can pick which kind of services you want covered for your pet. If you want to get your pet’s vaccines covered, you will need to get Wellness Coverage. 

Most pet insurance companies will offer Wellness Coverage as an optional feature. In addition, every insurance provider that offers Wellness Coverage (aside from Nationwide) requires that you get a standard accident and illness policy in addition to be eligible for Wellness Coverage. However, not every pet insurance provider offers Wellness Coverage, and if you want your pet’s vaccines covered, you’ll need to get a provider that does. 

You’re probably wondering what wellness plan you will need for your pet and its vaccines. Fortunately, has laid out the most popular plans and what sets them apart. 

Embrace Pet Insurance: 

  • Offers the option for $250, $450 or $650 per year in wellness coverage
  • Price Range of $26-$49 per month
  • Up to 90% back on bills using any vet

Pets Best: 

If you already have accident and illness coverage, you can add Pets Best wellness coverage to that plan no matter what it is. If you already have pet insurance but want vaccines covered, Pets Best is a good way to go

Pets Best Offers Two plans: the Essential Wellness Plan, and the Best Wellness Plan. 

  • Essential Wellness
    • $16/Month Cost
    • Vaccines Cost $30
    • $305 Total Annual Benefits
  • Best Wellness
    • $26/Month
    • Vaccines Cost $40
    • $535 Total Annual Benefits

If you just need vaccines for your dog and are willing to go with a lower amount of annual benefits, the Essential Wellness is the better option. But if you will use more of the annual benefits, go with Best Wellness. 

ASPCA Insurance: 

ASPCA is one of the most respected health insurance companies in the U.S. ASPCA offers two different plans: Prime and Basic

  • Prime
    • $24.95/Month
    • Vaccines Cost $25
    • $450 Total Annual Benefit
  • Basic
    • $9.95/Month
    • Vaccines Cost $20
    • $250 Total Annual Benefit

The less costly plan offers lower vaccines but also offers a much lower annual benefit. If you can afford the extra $15 a month for Prime, you will get a lot more for it. However, if you have a tight budget and are can’t afford to spend a lot on pet care, go with Basic. In addition, its better to go with the basic plan if the main thing you are mainly buying the wellness coverage for vaccines. 


Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness plan is the plan that includes basic accident and illness, along with wellness coverage. 

Whole Pet with Wellness

  • 90% of all Vet Bills
  • Covered $250 Annual
  • Deductible$63 Per Month

There are plenty of different options for wellness plans that can cover vaccines with your pet insurance, and many other companies will offer different plans that are customized to fit your budget and the health needs of your pet. Here are the key takeaways from this article: 

  • If you want vaccines covered for your pet, you will need to buy Wellness Coverage
  • Wellness Coverage also covers other preventative care like checkups and flea inspections
  • If you want Wellness Coverage, you will also need to buy Accident and Illness Coverage 
  • There are many different options for wellness coverage, but if you mainly want it for the vaccines, then you should get a cheaper plan with a lower annual benefit. 

Pet insurance can be a complicated buying process, so I hope that made it simple for you. Here’s wishing you safety, security and peace of mind with your pet’s health. 

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