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Pet Insurance Covers X Rays document?

2 Mins read

Pet insurance is popular. Frankly, anything having to do with our beloved pets is widely celebrated because they are truly members of the family. We adore them and want the best for them.

Fluffy Is Like A Ford

People tend to think that shopping for pet insurance must be like shopping for human health insurance; however, it’s not quite the same. If we compare it to anything, it would be more like our vehicle policies. While the policy comparisons do vary in terms of what gets covered, the policy is mainly there in case of something unexpected and financially challenging. Generally, routine wellness visits and pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Does the Pet Insurance Cover X Rays?

One frequent question by pet owners is whether procedures like x rays are covered under pet insurance policies. This is a common diagnostic imaging method for sick and injured pets, widely used by veterinarians to assess injuries and illnesses without invasive techniques. 

Vets can diagnose a number of ailments in the organs, bones, and other tissues, and check for fluid build-up. An x ray can rule out a number of medical issues, too, when vets confirm a certain area appears normal in a diagnostic image.

It’s important to be aware of pet insurance exclusions, in order to avoid claim rejections. By the time a pet requires an x ray, we are usually feeling high stress and concern, so adding more bad news to the situation does not help. Fortunately, unless it has to do with a pre-existing condition, most pet insurance does cover x rays in these critical circumstances.

X Rays Must Be Officially Recommended

When bringing a pet to the veterinarian after an accident or during an illness, most policies cover x rays that are recommended as part of treatment for the animal. If it is not a direct instruction by the medical team, and a pet owner asks on their own for an x ray to diagnose something non-urgent, the pet insurance company may not cover it. It must be prescribed by the veterinarian.

If an x ray is deemed necessary due to an unexpected event like an accident, or even if it is scheduled ahead of time due to a mystery ailment, the procedure can cost upwards of $200 per scan. The deductible and co-pay amounts are factored in, as is the annual or per-incident maximum for the pet, then most plans require claims to be submitted for reimbursement on the remainder amount. This reimbursement-based model does allow for more flexibility in terms of which veterinarian can be utilized. As long as the doctor is licensed, they are approved.

Confirm Pet Insurance Policy Details

Many pet insurance companies are willing to work with clients to meet specific needs. When shopping for new pet insurance, it never hurts to ask for some personalized factors to fit unique pet and budget needs. Confirm with the agent that the pet insurance policy covers these standard procedures:

  • X rays and other diagnostic tests and images like MRIs
  • Treatment for all illnesses, disease diagnoses, and accidents
  • Necessary hospitalizations, surgeries, technician care, and therapies

Some pet insurance policies also cover things like: Consultation fees; alternative therapies; breed-specific conditions; emergency clinic care; and, chronic conditions. Most policies do not cover cosmetic procedures, breeding concerns, and prescription pet food. 

Thankfully, in nearly all pet policies, x rays are covered. Get peace of mind with confirmation on this from the pet insurance agent, and check for it in writing on the policy itself. And then, go out and have some fun with that treasured furry friend knowing they are well cared for and covered.

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