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Pet Insurance For Pets With Pre-Existing Conditions

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For many of us, our lives are kind of incomplete without our pets. After a day that has been full of meetings, work and rush, when we return to our homes and get affectionately welcomed by our endearing pets, all our weariness and stress vanishes. There is a relieving smile on our faces and this emotional bond with our pets cherishes life in an indefinable manner. But there are times when our pets need us the most, during any sickness or injury of theirs they need our love, support and continuous care. 

So to deal with such situations pet owners generally trust on pet insurance to not only safeguard their pet’s health but also to manage the cost of the veterinary treatment. However, if your pet has pre-existing conditions, then the pet insurance may not be effective as per your expectations. In order to avoid such complications first, we need to understand the concept of pre-existing conditions in pets. 

Pre-existing conditions in pets 

Any health related issue or ailment such as diabetes, cancer, urinary blockage, heart disease, arthritis, etc. that your pet has, before you have enrolled it for an insurance plan is considered as a pre-existing condition. Each pet insurance company has different sets of terms and conditions for pre-existing conditions in pets and sometimes these become a big hurdle when you need help in providing veterinary care for your pet. 

Many common pre-existing conditions that are found in pet dogs and cats can cost a huge chunk of money as they are not covered in general pet insurance plans. Therefore, it is advisable for pet owners to have their pets pre diagnosed for such ailments before they sign up for a pet insurance policy. Below is a list of some common pre-existing illness found in pets with the approximate cost for their treatment: 

  • Benign Skin Neoplasia – treatment costs an average of $370 
  • Allergic Dermatitis – average expenditure on treatment is $250
  • Tooth infection in dogs – costs around $400
  • Gastropathy – for cats the treatment may cost around $320
  • Diabetes – $850 
  • For Arthritis
  • Heart ailments and other conditions cost depends on various factors

Best pet insurance options for pets with pre-existing conditions 

It often becomes very difficult to find a suitable pet insurance plan, when your pet has pre-existing conditions but there are a few insurance policies which provide a decent cover for such conditions. Some of these policy providers are: 

Healthy Paws

The only insurance provider that provides plans with no limits on them, it has policies for pets that cover injuries, illness and chronic conditions. With its great value based services, Healthy Paws is one of the best choices to have your pet insured. 

Pet Assure

It offers several veterinary discount plans and insures many pre-existing and chronic conditions such as Allergies, Dental care, Diabetes, etc. 


A trustworthy pet insurance provider that not only insures your pet’s health against general sickness, bone fracture and congenital diseases, but also goes a step ahead and gives indemnity to your pets in case of pandemics such as COVID-19. 

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