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Pet Insurance vs. Wellness Plan: How to Decide What to Get for Your Pet.

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Having a pet may mean you have to come across the decision to either get your fluffy companion insurance or a wellness plan. 

A common belief by pet owners is that they’re the same, but that is not true. The main difference between insurance and a wellness plan is what they cover for your pet. 


The whole point of getting pet insurance is to save you money if your pet has a sudden injury or illness. Medical bills for an animal can sometimes cost thousands of dollars out of pocket. Having insurance can give you a financially protective umbrella in the case of an emergency. 

What is covered under insurance? 

• Broken leg 

• Foreign body ingestion 

• Kidney diseases 

• Cancer 

• Hip dysplasia 

• Allergies or urinary obstructions. 

• Emergency care 

• Hereditary and congenital conditions 

• Prescription Medications 

What is not covered under insurance? 

• Wellness exam fees 

• Vaccinations 

• Spaying/neutering 

• Microchips 

• Parasite preventions 

• Routine lab work 

• Dental cleanings 

According to ValuePenguin, the average monthly cost for pet insurance is $47.20 for dogs and $29.54 for cats. The site also compared the top companies for pet insurance and how much the monthly premium would be for a dog. The results are listed below. 

1. Embrace – $25.25 2. Figo – $31.13 3. Nationwide – $33.08 4. PetFirst – $34.95 5. AKC/PetPartners – $35.00 6. ASPCA – $39.94 7. PetPlan – $40.83 8. PetsBest – $44.19 9. HealthyPaws – $52.09 10. Trupanion – $58.14 11. 24PetWatch – $72.32 

Wellness Plan 

A wellness plan is a reimbursement system where a company gives you a set price back on standard procedures and visits your pet will make to the veterinarian. For example, if your veterinarian charges $40 for nail trimming and your wellness plan only covers $20, you will be paying $20 out of pocket. 

What is covered under a wellness plan? 

• Annual exams 

• Routine screenings 

• Spaying and neutering 

• Dental care 

• Grooming and nail trimming 

• Flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives 

• Blood, fecal, and urine tests 

• Behavior exam and training 

• Microchipping 

• Vaccinations 

Unfortunately, right now, there are no pet insurance companies that offer both insurance and a wellness plan as a bundle. Some companies do provide wellness plans as an add-on. According to Pet Insurance University, out of their top ten insurance plans, only five offered a type of wellness option. The list of those five insurance companies, prices, and specifications reviewed by Pet Insurance University are listed below. 

1. Embrace – $250, $450 or $650 allowance per policy year, with cost based on specific factors (e.g., age, health, breed, and location) 2. Nationwide – basic plan is $400 max limit ($12 to $18 per month) and plus plan is $500 max limit ($17 to $22 per month) 3. PetsBest – dogs have a $505 max limit (can vary by state) and cats have a $565 max limit (can vary by state) 4. Pet Premium – routine option is $200 max limit (costs $120, can vary by state) and advance option is $500 max limit (costs $400, can vary by state) 5. PetFirst – $125 max limit ($120 per year, can vary by state), $250 max limit ($160 a year, can vary by state), $400 max limit ($325 a year, can vary by state).

If you’re looking to get an insurance plan, wellness plan, or both for your four-legged best friend, your decision should ultimately be up to you and what makes you financially comfortable. 

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