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Pet Insurance: Why it’s Your Next Great Investment

2 Mins read

Pet Insurance works a lot like regular insurance. Each month you pay a premium, different companies offer different rates spending on what plan is write for you and your pet. Essentially, from the moment your coverage becomes active, you no longer have to pay full price out of pocket for visits to the vet. Insurance would cover services from check-ups to surgeries, and everything in between.

Don’t think pet insurance is right for you? Do you have a healthy animal that rarely requires extra care? That is all good and well, but more than anything pet insurance is a piece of mind. Say you left your animal at a kennel while on vacation, and another animal harms yours causing needed medical service. You no longer have to make the decision between being able to pay your vacation off right away or paying for your pet’s needs. With pet insurance, your trip to the vet could come at no out of pocket cost to you!

So, now you want to know where to find the right policy for you. It’s quite simple, there are plenty of different options out there. First, talk to your vet and ask them for a recommendation, sometimes partnerships exist and special pricing is available for specific companies that work with your vet. You can also use the internet to find what is best. It is recommended to purchase pet insurance between the “busy” seasons. It is recommended that your animals get covered in the spring or the fall.

When the winter and summer weather hit, your pet is more at risk to the outside elements, especially animals that spend more time outdoors. It is also recommended to get pet insurance while your pet is young. Just like humans, rates go up with age do to higher risk. I.E. it is much more cost affordable to insure a puppy, compared to a 5 year old dog. Pet insurance will help you ensure that your furry (or not furry) friends live their best life. It is very easy to change your coverage too. If your pet is more accident prone, you can easily increase coverage in as little as one phone call. The same goes if your pet is constantly happy and healthy.

One call, or even in some cases, a click, you can reduce coverage as well. It is estimated that roughly 1.84 million, yes you read that tight, pets are currently covered under a pet insurance policy in the United States. If you’re someone that currently has a pet(s), or is planning on getting one soon, it may be time to dig up a pen and paper and do some digging. More and more people each day turn to pet insurance to help them take the proper care and protection for their animal counterparts. More and more companies are adding or in producing pet insurance to their list of services.

This type of service is especially popular with younger generations who are opting to hold off on having children, but are rather choosing to open their home to a pet or two. In a few years, it may even be mandatory to have pet insurance before your animal is seen by a vet. It is truly time to sit down and ask yourself if you’re ready to invest in the future health of your pet. 

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