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Choosing the Best Pet Insurance for Your Puppy

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Just as human insurance protects you from an unexpected accident or injury, so does pet insurance for your new puppy. 2020 is full of unpredictable events, but pet insurance can help make sure your puppy’s trip to the veterinary office doesn’t contribute to existing stress. 

Pet insurance works by choosing from several different plans to fit your individual needs. These plans cover a wide range including multiple pet plans, hereditary conditions, emergency room trips, dental, and preventative care, just to name a few. While there are several companies out there to choose from, [our insurance company] is catered specifically to new puppy owners. Before you reach out to us for a quote, let’s look at the benefits of pet insurance. 

Whether your animal has a routine medical check-up or an accident requiring medical treatment, pet insurance alleviates stress on the owner’s end by providing you the opportunity to receive reimbursement for medical costs rather than deal with the overwhelming cost in the moment. By offering plans beginning at $35/month, you can expect a routine, predictable, and affordable payment that prepares you and your puppy for the future. We offer a range of coverages to suit your anticipated needs. And, even as your dog ages, [our pet insurance company] will continue to support your animal family through consistent premiums that won’t increase. 

While offering the best protection, our plan gives pet parents the authority to choose their preferred vet clinics and hospitals. Whether you’re taking in your puppy for a routine visit or an emergency clinic visit, [our pet insurance company] has you covered. After taking care of your puppy’s medical needs, simply fill out our online form or use our easy iOS/Android app to quickly fill out a claim for your medical expenses. Then, sit back while we process your claim and reimburse you for any payment you made toward your pet’s medical care. Your canine will be protected without breaking the bank or bursting your budget. 

1 in 3 pets will need unexpected medical attention every year, but it doesn’t have to interrupt your family life. We have several different policy options available for you to compare so that we can bring you and your furry friend closer to reliable and affordable protection. And if you’re still not certain on our pet insurance, consider the voices of our satisfied customers:

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Let’s see what one of the top-rated pet insurance companies can do for you. Reach out to us below through our simple form to receive a pet insurance quote today. We have flexible options on deductibles with up to 90% coverage on your puppy’s medical expenses. With a low cost and short waiting period on your reimbursement return, [our pet insurance company] provides a quick and easy way to manage bills and get back on track without dealing with overwhelming medical costs. Compare options below!

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Will Pet Insurance Cover Medication?