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Pet Insurance: Will It Cover Diabetes?

3 Mins read
Pet Insurance: Will It Cover Diabetes?
Pet Insurance: Will It Cover Diabetes?
Pet Insurance: Will It Cover Diabetes?
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If you’re reading this article, you’re probably worried about your fur baby (or babies) and diabetes. You’re also wondering how pet insurance can help with some of the costs associated with treating diabetes. Right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Overview: Pet Insurance 

First, let’s talk a little bit about the basics of pet insurance. Pet insurance is a tool to cover unforeseen injuries, illnesses, or emergency procedures that your pet may have to undergo, such as chemotherapy or a fractured pelvis. Essentially, you are paying a monthly premium and are reimbursed for certain unexpected health issues with your pet. If it is bought ahead of time before these issues happen, you could be saving thousands of dollars and maybe even your pet’s life. 

For instance, if your cat suddenly gets diagnosed with cancer and you don’t have pet insurance for it, treatment costs will likely be overwhelming. Treatment can cost $10,000! If you are unable to pay this staggering amount, you might have to make the heartbreaking decision to put your kitty down. So, it’s clear to see that there are times when pet insurance is a worthy investment. 

Pre-existing Conditions 

Now, there are certain things that most Pet Insurance companies don’t cover. Let’s get a little more specific and discuss pre-existing conditions. Most pet insurances do not cover them. 

There are some limited exceptions: some companies will cover curable pre-existing conditions. If your pet has not shown any signs or symptoms of the pre-existing condition for an extended amount of time (around 6-12 months depending on the insurance), then there are some pet insurances (such as Embrace or Nationwide Pet Insurance) that will cover the condition for your pet’s life. 

Well? Does Pet Insurance Cover Diabetes? 

So now that you have a brief understanding of pet insurance, you’re probably thinking: “Okay, but does it cover diabetes?” 

Short answer: Yes, if your pet is enrolled prior to developing diabetes. 

There are multiple types of pet diabetes, but they should be covered by most pet insurance companies, given that you enrolled for it prior to your pet’s diagnosis. Whether your pet has diabetes insipidus (which has to do with an anti-diuretic hormone imbalance) or diabetes mellitus (which has to do with a deficiency of insulin, and is more common), you should be good to go in this sense. 

But remember: most pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions! So unfortunately, if your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes and you then buy pet insurance for it, the insurance will not cover its condition. Diabetes is not a curable pre-existing disease, so there are no exceptions to this. This is why most companies recommend that you enroll your furry friends in pet insurance at a young age, before any illness or injury can occur. 

What does this mean in terms of finances? If you recall, we briefly discussed how pet insurance helps save money in the event that something unexpected occurs. In this case, it could be a diabetes diagnosis. If you get pet insurance for your fur baby and it is diagnosed with diabetes, you could be saving quite a bit of money. Diabetes requires ongoing treatment that can cost hundreds of dollars per month. In 2019, the pet insurance company PetPlan had a diabetes-related claim that was over $12,000! While this amount is considered atypical, pet insurance can still be worth it and save you thousands of dollars annually. 

Where Do I Go From Here? 

If you’re looking for pet insurance, there are so many different options that it can definitely be overwhelming. Start by considering these four things: your pet’s species, breed, age, and location. This will help to narrow down your options. And just as a reminder: while you might be focused on pet diabetes, be sure to invest in insurance that covers both accidents and illnesses! 

Any specific questions about plans that you can’t find the answer to? Well, when in doubt, ask the company to find out! 

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