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Will Pet Insurance Cover Medication?

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If you’re like me, you worry a lot about your pets’ health, especially about whether or not you’ll be able to care for them as well as you want to. With the billions of dollars that Americans spend every year on vet bills, it is a good idea to be prepared. You want to be able to give your pet the best care possible so that they can live the best life possible. A good way to achieve that is to invest in some pet insurance. To those who like to say things similar to, “it’s just a bird/dog/cat,” this may seem excessive or an overreaction, but for those of us who have had to deal with unexpected vet bills, it is a lifesaver. There are a lot of questions floating around when it comes to pet insurance, one of those questions being what insurance will cover. It seems to differ a lot by plan and agency, and this can be very confusing for the consumer. So let me break it down, starting with the common question, “will pet insurance cover medication?” 

When sampling across three different pet insurance agencies–ASPCA, Progressive, and PetPlan–it is clear that medication costs can be covered through any of these agencies. There are, however, some exceptions. Both ASPCA and Progressive state that medications are not covered under all their plans. You have to buy the “Complete Coverage” plan at ASPCA and the “BestBenefit Accident and Illness Plan” at Progressive to qualify for medication coverage. 

Some of these agencies further divide their plans on a basis of preexisting conditions and new ones. Certain plans will not cover medication for your pets’ preexisting conditions, unless you buy the agency’s premium, more expensive, plans, and some may not cover preexisting conditions at all, just as ASPCA does. This means that even if you do buy the “Complete Coverage” plan at ASPCA, only some medications may be covered. Another division to be aware of regards accident covering plans. Some plans may cover only accidental injuries, i.e, if your pet breaks a bone and needs medication, the insurance will cover it. However, if your pet is diagnosed with a disease that requires medication, accident only insurance will not cover it. 

So, to conclude, almost any pet insurance agency will cover medication costs. It is then a question of whether or not you might have to pay more for this coverage or not, and whether you need all medications covered or just certain ones. It is best to judge for yourself and your pet what the best plan will be for you. Some owners have more accident-prone pets and will want accident only coverage, and some, perhaps owners of older pets, will want to have everything covered. It is also understandable that some of this may be confusing and talking to an agent may be more helpful for some. You can also get a free quote online at almost any pet insurance agency! So, Rest assured, because there is a plan for you out there that will fit you and your pets’ needs. 

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