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Which Pet Insurance is Best for Dogs?

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Pets have earned their place in the human heart for their loyalty, cuteness, and compassion. As a pet owner, you would go the extra mile to ensure your pet is well catered for and lacks nothing. While at it, you will take your pets to a veterinary doctor for medical check-ups and even pick pet food. Over time, pet maintenance bills may become heavy to bear, making pet insurance a necessity. Pet insurance will save you money on daily preventive care and periodic vet visits. Additionally, pet insurance covers emergencies caused to and by your pet. However, the type of pet insurance you choose will determine how much you benefit from pet insurance.

Why should you Get Pet Insurance

The global average pet ownership is 57%, which makes pet insurance a mainstream business. Pet insurance gives you a chance to secure yourself financially from illnesses and injuries that may befall your pet and give them the best medical care available in the market.

Types of Pet Insurance

You have three types of pet insurance to choose from. These are:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Accident only
  • Accident and illness

Let’s explore each type of insurance to get a better understanding of what they represent.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is also known as Accident, Illness, and Routine Care insurance. This cover not only caters to accidents and illnesses but also has an insurance aspect for routine pet maintenance. Comprehensive insurance gives pets access to preventive health solutions like worming treatments, dental care, vaccinations, behavioral therapy, and de-sexing. It also covers micro-chipping, which is a crucial service given to pets in their first year.

However, comprehensive insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, abuse, ambulance costs, advanced surgeries, and prosthetics.

This pet insurance cover is best for aging cats and dogs. Older pets are more vulnerable to injuries and also develop a lot of age-related diseases. You should know that not all insurance companies provide insurance cover to old pets because of their age limit policy.

You should also get comprehensive insurance for your pet if its breed is susceptible to a given health condition.

List of Companies that Offer the Best Accident and Illness Cover

  • Bow Wow Meow – Ultimate Care Plan With Routine Care
  • Guide Dogs – Premium Care + Routine Care
  • Petmed – Young Pets Ultimate Plan plus Routine Care
  • Prosure – Platinum
  • 1300 Insurance

Accident Only

Accident only covers your pet against injuries resulting from an accident. Ensure that the cover will protect your dog against common claims like scratches from fights, broken or fractured bones from accidents, and snake bites.

However, it does not protect your pet against flea and tick bites. Injuries resulting from pre-existing conditions do not qualify for this cover.

This cover is best for new pets that do not suffer from any pre-existing condition. If you are assured that de-sexing, normal vaccination, and microchipping will not set you back a couple of thousand dollars, get the accident only cover for your young pets.

Company Offering Accident Only Cover

Nationwide insurance

Accident and Illness Cover

Accident and illness insurance cover caters for all harm and injuries listed in the accident cover plus illnesses diagnosed by the vet. It covers diseases like skin conditions, cancer, hereditary diseases, and infectious diseases.

The accident and illness cover does not cater for diseases with a known vaccine and pre-existing conditions. Choose a policy that will protect your pet from recurring, chronic, and lifelong diseases.

Accident and illness cover suits pet breeds that experience frequent health issues.

List of Companies that Offer the Best Accident and Illness Cover

  • Guide Dogs – Premium care
  • 1300 insurance
  • Gold Pet Insurance
  • Bow Wow Meow – Peace of Mind Plan 60%
  • Bow Wow Meow – Peace of Mind Plan 70%

We will wrap this piece up with a list of top 9 pet insurance plans in 2020. They are:

  • Healthy Paws
  • Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Nationwide
  • Trupanion
  • PetPlan
  • Pet Assure
  • PetFirst Pet Insurance
  • PetsBest

This short but comprehensive guide should help you choose the best Pet Insurance for your dog. Ensure that the type of pet insurance that you choose is best for your dog. It is also important for you to get a pet insurance policy from a company that you can trust.

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