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Why You Should Consider Buying a Policy to Cover Your Pet

2 Mins read

As a pet owner the life, safety, and wellbeing of your pet relies on you. No pressure. As a responsible pet owner, you should want the best for your pet, and having pet insurance is a step in the right direction. Many Americans own a pet and sadly very few of them carry pet insurance. 

Pets can have the option to insurance just like humans. Pet insurance works pretty much the same as human insurance they have deductibles, premiums, reimbursement, and exclusions. Having pet insurance is the best way to save finances from a trip to the veterinarian.

If your pet should need an x-ray, is it covered by the pet insurance? You would assume yes, right? Having pet insurance is very important especially for the unexpected but only if it actually covers for the unexpected. On the surface, pet insurance covers x-rays but make sure you read the fine print. Most pet insurances cover x-rays that are recommended by a veterinarian as part of treatment for an accident or illness. However, and this is the part that many pet insurance providers leave out, if you want an x-ray to diagnose an issue and it hasn’t been recommended by a vet, it may not be covered by pet insurance. Hopefully, with the way the pet insurance is set up, you and the veterinarian are on the same page when it comes to x-rays. If your veterinarian deems that an x-ray is necessary, then more than likely it will be covered by the pet insurance. 

It is best to get pet insurance when your pet is young because many pet insurances will not cover preexisting conditions. If you feel based on the history you have with your pet that an x-ray may be needed to determine a problem, sadly it may not be covered by the pet insurance. Picking out the right pet insurance is important because in the moment of an emergency you don’t have time for any surprises. 

Imagine paying out of pocket for x-ray services rendered to your pet, with the intent of being reimbursed. Unfortunately, you find out that the way the claim was billed and the contract you agree to with the insurance that the x-ray is not covered, and you will not be reimbursed. So, you are out of that money you thought you were going to get back. What a shame. 

The financial responsibility of an x-ray treatment can cost a shocking amount if multiple x-rays are needed. One x-ray can cost anywhere between $75 to $150, and that’s not including the office visit fee or any additional services that may be rendered. The cost of an x-ray is about the same cost of pet insurance annual premiums. 

So, educate yourself. Read the fine print. If the pet insurance says that they cover x-rays, make you understand how it would be covered and what speculations are involved. There are many services that pet insurance covers but make sure that they are services that you feel will be best for your pet and pocket.  

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